Friday, January 15, 2010

THE WIZAR'D "Pathways Into Darkness" Order Info

THE WIZAR'D "Pathways Into Darkness" CD (WRATH046)

Ominous rumours have been filling the air for many seasons and at long last, like a "Disease From The East" THE WIZAR'D materializes under the foul full moon to teach us yet unknown "Pathways Into Darkness" and to bring upon us the certain doom of man. Try not to run from THE WIZAR'D for his spells are legion and vile. Neither Saint nor Vitus may stand before him so bow and grovel so you may live.

Purchase this sonic spellbook of evil for 8 EUR (= 12 AUD = 12 USD) + postage at THE BASAR !

If you can arrange it you may prostrate yourself before THE WIZAR'D at the prestigous HAMMER OF DOOM festival on February 6th 2010 at the "Posthalle" in Wuerzburg, Germany. To celebrate this occasion Barbarian Wrath has also printed up shirts so the faithful may clad themselves in appropriate attire and not insult the sight of THE WIZAR'D.

Available in "Midget", "Large", "Fat" and "Oger" you can add visual worship to your sonic one for another 8 EUR and no additional postage.

Message us here or through order AT thebasar DOT org for further details and payment options.